How Often Do Your Employees Have to Reboot Their Computers? – Computer Crashes

You’re running a small to mid-size business.

Let’s ask the obvious question.

Do you really want to spend money on unproductive time while employees watch the “spinning wheel of death” as their computers crash and reboot over and over again?

It’s time to break the cycle.

But you’re unsure what to do.

You’ve tried hiring break/fix computer technicians before.

Sure, they come to your business, and they get the computers running again. But as soon as they leave the slide toward the next computer crash begins. – The next IT disaster is only a matter of time.

So you’ve decided to try something different.

UNETEC offers a Managed IT Services package that provides continuous, proactive business technology management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring within an easily-budgeted monthly payment.

Instead of waiting for your computers to crash and then rushing to your location like the fire department, we continuously update and maintain your IT systems, so they don’t let your employees down and waste your money. By fixing the small issues before they become big problems that impact your productivity, we help your employees get more done in a day, meet their deadlines, and keep your clients happy.

What Can Cause a Computer To Crash?

  • Hardware Malfunction
  • Overheating
  • Aging Hardware
  • Hardware/Software Conflict
  • Software Conflict
  • Failing or Inadequate Memory
  • Poor Software Implementation
  • Wrong Device Drivers
  • Malware
  • Corrupt Registry
  • Hackers – Intrusion
  • Problematic Bios Settings
  • User Error
  • Virus or Trojan

How Does UNETEC Deal with Computer Crashes?

  • We Listen – To you and your employees explaining the symptoms your computers are exhibiting
  • We Diagnose – Discovering the root causes of the symptoms that you are seeing
  • We Discuss – The cause and the recommended solution with you to determine your best course of action
  • We Remediate – Taking action on the steps we have suggested and discussed with you
  • We Test – To ensure that the fixes have worked
  • We Talk – With you about a plan to keep your computers maintained and optimized going forward

What Are You Going to Do? – Keep Crashing or Start Calling?

Every time your employee has to reboot their computer, you’re losing between five and fifteen
minutes of productivity. They’re not going to tell you how often it’s happening, because that’s five
to fifteen minutes that they can use to relax, play with their smartphone, or get a coffee. But when
the computer crashes get too frequent, then you’ll get an earful from them about the “junk I have
to work with.”

Either way, you lose.

So, let’s ask the question again.

The rest of the story is the best part!

Are you going to let your computers keep crashing or are you going to start calling the UNETEC team and get the proactive maintenance and monitoring that will keep your computers running in top form?

Let’s get started!
Call or email us now to begin a no-obligation conversation about your IT support needs.