Does Your Current IT Meet the High Demands of Your Law Firm?

Having access to technology that drives your law business forward isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Your billable hours can’t be wasted on solving malfunctioning IT problems. Not only does it cost you time, but it also costs you money.

But having a reliable IT infrastructure is only half the battle. UNETEC IT consultants ensure security, compliance, and tailored efficiency.

What Does Your Ideal Law Office IT Suite Look Like?

  • Advanced Cybersecurity
  • Secure Compliance Protocols
  • Streamlined Office Operations
  • Mobile and Wireless Connectivity Security
  • 24/7 Help Desk Solutions

The bedrock of your law practice rests on your reputation. You need the assurance that your critical client records are secure. But security is only the tip of the iceberg. Your IT environment needs a seamless, adaptive flow to empower your staff to reach their potential, accomplish their daily tasks, and to bring the best results to your clients.

Why Should Every Law Firm Invest in Managed IT Services?

We don’t have to tell you about law firms.

You live it every day.

Tight deadlines, heavy caseloads, security concerns, and compliance requirements are part of your daily work.

You have enough paperwork on your desk. You don’t need to worry about dealing or having your staff manage computer crashes and IT issues.

Managed IT Services is a subscription-based IT support model that provides law firms with the best in proactive IT care, security, and compliance within an easily budgeted monthly payment.

UNETEC believes that every law office should have the benefit of IT professionals and the Managed IT Services model of proactive technology care.


Well, it comes down to reputation and money.

Cybersecurity management and compliance consulting help you maintain your reputation.

Ongoing, holistic maintenance and operational monitoring ensure that you don’t lose money due to downtime.

What Draws Today’s Leading Law Offices to Managed IT Services?

  • Affordable, flat-rate monthly rates
  • Complete IT reliability
  • Real-time IT support 24/7
  • IT Consulting from technology experts
  • Industry-specific IT solutions
  • Compliance expertise for the legal field
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