The Playing Field Keeps Changing.
Is Your HR Consulting Firm Keeping Up?

Every business leader knows that consumer expectations are being driven by technological advancements. The way that your firm delivers projects to the client today will likely be dated by year’s end. – Things are moving that quickly.

Professional IT consultants ensure that you are aware of the technology options that are open to you as well as those productivity-boosting, feature-rich products that are on the horizon.

Why is that important?

Because if you don’t take advantage of emerging technologies, your competitors will.
But IT support for HR consulting firms isn’t all about discovering dependable, cutting-edge technologies. It’s also about provisioning a reliable IT environment for your staff and their daily workflow.

Is Your Business Technology Dependable, or Are You Suffering from Crashes, Downtime, and Slowdowns?

UNETEC is an entire team of IT professionals located right here in Texas. We provide highly dependable, scalable, and affordable IT services for HR consulting firms that want to ensure that they always have secure access to their data and internal workflow.

We provide our outsourced IT support through a model known as Managed IT Services.What is Managed IT Services?

It’s a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing, maintaining, securing, and optimizing your business technology within a monthly subscription payment schedule.

Why is that better than an IT break/fix contract?

Break/fix contracts are based on a model that says, “If it breaks, we’ll come to fix it.” For a long time, that was good enough for many companies, but today’s progressive HR consulting firms have high demand and low tolerance for downtime. As a result, the Managed IT Services model that says, “We’ll maintain and secure your IT systems, so that you don’t experience downtime,” is a better solution.

What About Confidentiality and Cybersecurity?

Every piece of data that you handle says something about your company, an employee, or a client.

Why is that important?

Well, that’s just the kind of information that cybercriminals would like to steal and trade on the dark web.

You can’t let that happen, and we have the solution.

Our IT security professionals serve HR consulting firms by setting up concentric rings of security around their data and workflow, to ensure that data is monitored and protected in-house and during mobile-device use.

Let’s get started!Just call or email to begin a no-obligation conversation about your IT support needs.