How Well Maintained and Efficient is Your Business Technology? – Time to Consider Better IT Support

Your company has grown. You’re sitting somewhere between twenty and two-hundred employees, but you’ve got plans to expand and grow.

Somewhere in the back of your mind is this question.

“Can my current hardware, software, and network keep up with my plans to scale – and who am I going to get to maintain the IT infrastructure as it expands to meet the requirements of growth?”

The UNETEC team has the answer for you.

We work with companies of your size every day – helping them optimize and utilize their IT assets to meet their pro-growth goals.

What Do You Know About the Outsourced Managed IT Support Model?

Companies are working to meet their budgetary targets and don’t have room for an in-house IT staff. As a result, an outsourced IT support strategy is attractive to them.

But not just any outsourced IT support strategy.

A company that engages UNETEC for Managed IT Services gets more than a company they can call when their computers slow down or crash.

Managed IT Services from UNETEC is a subscription-based proactive approach to IT support. Within our Managed IT Services packages, we provide the maintenance, security, help desk, and technology management elements your employees need to complete their daily tasks without IT issue related interruption.

Let’s get you the IT support your expanding workflow requires! Give us a call.