Why Are Katy, Texas Businesses Gravitating Toward UNETEC IT Services?

Let’s face it. – Not every IT support company that serves Katy businesses is the same.
There is a wide variety of technology services companies in the Katy area, and their IT support offerings vary from firm to firm. Some of the types of IT support companies you’ll find in our area are:

  • The solo IT support company – one man trying to do everything
  • The big-box store IT support desk – sales-focused IT fixes
  • The break/fix IT support company – dealing mainly with broken down computers,
    charging hours + materials
  • The mobile IT support franchise company – break/fix IT support companies with
    nationally recognized names
  • The Managed IT Services company – proactive, monitored IT maintenance
    strategies within a set monthly budget

Each company has something to offer Katy business owners, but many don’t offer enough to keep your IT assets running at their best.

Although the UNETEC team is happy to help Katy businesses with one-time break/fix scenarios to help them get back on their feet again, our focus is on helping companies see the value of proactive, budgeted IT support – Managed IT Services.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

  • A complete team- of IT support professionals only a phone call away
  • Executive-level IT consulting – for IT-impacted decisions
  • Stable, budgeted IT support – for always-on operations
  • Proactive maintenance – that avoids workflow downtime
  • Management of IT vendors – hardware, software, and cloud
  • Friendly, professional people – to help your employees work more effectively
Let’s get you the IT support your expanding workflow requires! Give us a call.