What Do You Want Out of Your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription?

Companies around the globe have embraced Microsoft Office 365.


Because Microsoft Office 365 is the leader in designing office productivity software that brings business advantages to life!

So, what do you want out of your Office 365 Subscription?

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Synchronized Files
  • Communications Integration
  • Cross-Application Productivity
  • Scalability
  • Simple Operational Expense Budgeting

We know that your business couldn’t be as efficient and effective as it is without Office 365. Let us help you leverage these benefits and more with our Microsoft Office 365 Support and Migration service.

Looking for an Office 365 Migrations Specialist?

In our market, there are dozens of companies that advertise Office 365 support on their websites.

So why choose Unetec Group?

It’s simple.

We’ve taken the time to become Certified Microsoft Partners.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can trust us, because Microsoft trusts us.

Think about it for a moment.

Are you more comfortable taking your car to the dealer or a backyard mechanic?

Who is more qualified? Who knows the vehicle better? Who can you trust?

Migrations to Microsoft Office 365 are no different.

You want the team that has been tested and certified by the software developer. – That’s us.

Why Choose Unetec for Office 365 Migrations?

  • Microsoft Certified Technicians
  • Secure Migrations
  • Uninterrupted Workflow
  • Compliant Migrations
  • Friendly, Professional Service

Maximize Your Productivity with Microsoft Office 365

We help businesses and companies across multiple states and Puerto Rico work smarter and faster with Microsoft’s latest office productivity suite.

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies now use Microsoft Office 365, making it the most popular business productivity software in the world. It’s accomplished this success by offering a greatly improved Microsoft Office experience and a convenient way for businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of cloud computing.


More than 80% of fortune 500 companies now use


making it the most popular business productivity software in the world.

A Partnership with the Unetec Group will Help You Access Office 365 Benefits

  • More Freedom and Flexibility with Your Files With their files in the cloud, employees can be productive whenever they need to be, wherever they need to be.
  • The Power to Collaborate Better Microsoft Office 365 was built from the ground up with teamwork in mind and includes new applications to help people work together even better.
  • Better Informed Employees Office 365 features updated versions of Exchange Online, Outlook, and Dynamics that allow users to stay on top of projects,tasks,and deadlines.
  • Reduced Costs Save money by utilizing Office 365’s subscription payment model and reduce energy and human resource costs associated with managing on-premise servers for email and file sharing.
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