Who is Watching Over Your Company’s Workflow and Data?

Without a secure on-site and cloud environment, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to plan for business growth. Security is the foundation of a productive workflow and growth agenda. Without a well-designed, implemented, and maintained cybersecurity strategy, you are at risk of having the rug pulled out from under your internal processes at any moment.

In our market, there are companies that offer a variety of levels of IT security. Some IT support companies rely simply on off-the-shelf antivirus. Others take the protection of your IT assets a little further and add on email filtering and encryption, but a “set it and forget it” IT security solution is simply not sufficient to meet today’s cybersecurity threats head-on.

What’s Different About UNETEC IT and Network Security?

  • Ongoing Security Maintenance
  • Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring
  • Fast Response Times
  • A Full Team of IT Security Professionals
  • Budgeted, Predictable Payments
  • An Array of Cybersecurity Tools
  • Transparent Incident Reporting

What Does the UNETEC Team Secure Within Your Business?

  • Computers
  • Files and Data
  • Laptops
  • Network
  • Mobile Devices
  • Internet Traffic
  • Servers
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Virtual Machines
  • Physical Security System Integrations
  • Cloud-based Workflow

Why Hire the UNETEC Team for IT Security?

The UNETEC staff is comprised of IT professionals that are Microsoft Certified. Our training and experience give us insight into how your systems work and how to build robust IT security walls around your data and workflow. Each cybersecurity protocol, strategy, and tool that leverage provides layer upon layer of protection around your business – guarding your investment, client information, and company reputation.

Having a Comprehensive IT and Network Security Strategy in Place Allows You to Harness the Pro-Business Advantages of These Other Essential IT Support Services.

Securing your network, hardware, software, and cloud-based assets has to be the first priority. Without security, everything is on shaky ground. Once your business technology has been assessed and an IT security strategy has been devised and implemented, we can leverage these other pro-business IT services for you.

Want the best protection for your business? Give us a call or send an email to begin a no-obligation conversation.